Subpoena Policy


1 General.

46 Labs’ Privacy Policy provides that we will not release account information or information sufficient to identify a subscriber except under certain specific circumstances. This Privacy Policy can be found here.

If you seek the identity of or account information about a 46 Labs subscriber in connection with a legal matter, you must serve 46 Labs with a valid subpoena at the address or facsimile number below and agree to compensate 46 Labs for our subpoena response services according to the terms. 

2 Service of Subpoenas.

All Subpoenas should be directed to the Custodian of Records listed below. 

Custodian of Records
Attn: Legal Officer 
46 Labs, LLC 
1503 E. 19th St.,
Edmond, OK 73013 

Fax: (405) 340-1001 

3 Notice to Subscribers and Response Time.

In non-emergency circumstances, 46 Labs will generally not produce the subpoena’s subscriber’s identify information until approximately two (2) weeks after receipt of the subpoena, unless legally required to do so. Please note that requests for call detail record may take up to eight (8) weeks, and that we may not have all records, depending on the time frame of your request.

4 Fee for Subpoena Compliance.

46 Labs charges the following rates for compliance with subpoenas. 

  • $150.00 per hour for research (a quarter hour minimum) 

  • $22.00 for Overnight Delivery 

  • $4.00 per CD-ROM 

  • $0.25 cents per copy 

Requests for call detail records that are outside the time frame of our generally available database will require an investigation as to the feasibility, time, and costs required to retrieve such records (if they are available). An individual-case-basis estimation of costs and time related to such efforts will be provided before such costs are incurred. 

46 Labs will invoice the person or entity submitting the subpoena following receipt, and the subpoena proponent must make payment within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Checks should be made payable to 46 Labs, LLC.

Our remittance address is as follows: 

46 Labs, LLC
1503 E. 19th St.
Edmond, OK 73013 

Attn: Accounts Receivable